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Some Special Moments From Sep 26th

Sabina, Tina, Mohit, Laquesha, Pabitra, Laveena, Jeremiah and Neha: thanks for volunteering in DC last week!

Some special moments

  • A little boy and his family came to KK. Their table had a card with the message "practice silence for 15 minutes". The young boy took up the challenge and remained silent for 15 minutes while his father timed him - quite feat for a 6 year old!
  • All our volunteers mentioned they felt an incredible connection with guests and other volunteers. As Lavina said, enjoy your "Karma Kitchen Kick"! Our volunteers Sabina and Pabitra discovered they went to the same school!
  • One of our little guests was tagged with a stuffed toy for daughter's day when her mother remarked "everyday is daughters day"
  • We surprised our chef Shaila with a birthday cake, which was also dessert for the day. More surprisingly every guests and volunteers got a bite of it
  • Guests loved the mini Karma Kitchen post office we set up on the kindness table. Several guests wrote handwritten notes to a loved one. Thank you Laquesha, for mailing these out!
  • Some of the comments by guest touched the volunteers so deeply and felt really blessed to be part of the small act of generosity which impacted somebody so much

Some guest comments:

  • Thankyou!! What a delicious meal and a wonderful idea! Everyone is so welcoming - you embody generosity - thankyou for having us!
  • Absolutely one of the best meals Ive ever had! What a treat!
  • Thanks Laquetia for being so warm and friendly to me, I've had one of the worst weeks of my life, which makes the kindness of strangers all the more touching.
  • The food was great - I wasted too much of it - but I ate well and am grateful for this place
  • What a wonderful way of reminding everyone that an act of kindness can save lives just by making one feel worthy of being the object of that kindness. Thanks to the restaurant for giving up its sunday sales.
  • Excellent, as usual. Love the portion size - so easy for one person to finish. Delicious start to my sunday. Thankyou for welcoming solo diners with their own table!
  • This is always a blessing. I am going through some rough times and as always lifted when I enter here.
  • I love your veggie balls!! Thanks for the meal and the good feel.
  • Karma Kitchen is the #1 reason I come to DC! Thank you, it was amazing as usual!

Thank you, all!

--Krishna & Sala on Oct 3, 2010

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