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A Currency of Abundance

When I was asked to make an 'Abundance' poster for Karma Kitchen, I was filled with fear.  How could I possibly convey such a huge concept in just one word?  I knew that something had to shift, that I needed to feel a fullness in my life before I could tackle this project.  So, I sat with it for a while, and began to imagine what abundance would feel like with no limits and no attachments.  Gradually, I began to experience a sense of comfort and ease.  Little by little, the creative juices began to flow, and letter by letter, the poster came together.  From this experience, I realized that there is an ocean of abundance underlying everything we do -- all actions great and small are expressions of love.  If we shift our awareness just a bit, we can dip down into this ocean and find sustenance there. Here is the final product, which notes of abundance that people placed on it:

The greatest gift I received from volunteering at Karma Kitchen last Sunday was the joy of working with a group of people who truly cared about each other.  At the end of the day, when Vishali offered to serve me a meal, I felt a huge sense of gratitude.  I learned that there's nothing to worry about when you are surrounded by love.

--~ Elizabeth on Sep 11, 2009

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