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Berkeley meets Mississippi

In California a love for the South is often met with skepticism and a questioning look at the very least.  Similarly in the South being from Berkeley means you might as well be from Mars.  However on this particular Karma Kitchen Sunday I had the pleasure of taking part in the coming together of two very different parts of the country.

As I approached my table I immediately detected a Southern accent and subtly peppered my conversation with "y'alls".  The guests were wonderful and pleasant asking curiously asking questions, but approaching everything with an open mind.  It was not until after their meal that I thought to ask them where they were from.  Their response surprised me, but I think my response shocked them.  "Mississippi," they said.  "Mississippi??  I love Mississippi," I responded with enthusiasm.  I explained how my father and I spent a 10 day roadtrip driving from Houston to Memphis and most of our time was spent in Mississippi.  They were visiting San Francisco, had taken BART to Berkeley, and were looking for a "typical" Berkeley experience.  I told them that Karma Kitchen was about as Berkeley experience as they could have and they agreed.  In the end I was glad to have shared an experience that I hoped would change at least one group's idea of a very different town.  

--Neerav on Dec 27, 2010

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