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When Your Heart Melted

Thank you for coming together to serve 121 guests, with a generosity-filled Karma Kitchen experience.

Watching the 3-year-old girl and her 5-year-old boy who shyly came inside the kitchen to sing twinkle-twinkle-little-star as their thank-you to the Karma Kitchen crew or hearing a guest who proudly declared: 'Well, today was the first time I shared the gift-economy concept in sign language with my deaf friend' or seeing a woman ride on her bike to drop off a hot-plate of hand-made (and yum!) cookies just for the volunteers or listening to Vlad's soothing did-the-CD-player-just-start-working flute, it was obvious that not only were people's bellies full but their hearts were overflowing.

To our "share a moment when your heart melted" theme, here were some of the notes that people shared on their tables ...

"Every time I come into Karma Kitchen, my heart melts from the energy of love being given and received."

"A kid had a hot dog and fed it to a dog in the street that was homeless."

"When I found my soul family again, in this lifetime."

"After a first date that was a really good one, R came back, knocked on my door and told me how much he enjoying getting to know me.  We dated, married, and divorced -- but that is still a good memory."

"Heart Melts, Eye Gazing, twice winks, sprinkle, twinkles, renewed."

"I was handing out Christmas gifts and the little girl who was there hugged me and told me she loves me and didn't get off my lap the whole night."

"My love for my partner."

"Walking to work, saw a tree full of pink flowers under the blue sky and thought -- "Wow, this is beautiful."

"Pictures of puppies and kittens."

"My lovers kiss this morning."

"My heart most recently melted when I started to go deeper with a sweet girl named Coral!  It has gone from acquaintance to friends with benefits to lovers to something deeper that's hard to classify. :)"

"Awakened heart to the truth and openness of divine union.  First time to fully allow myself to be vulnerable and rise in love was two weeks ago."

"Seeing the people of Egupt celebrating the hope of a better future for themselves and their children."

"When a cat walked into my room and spent the day with me."

"It is very gratifying and blessful to have people to help the less fortunate during hard times.  It is very pleasing to put a smile onto everyone's face."

"When I was a camp counselor, one of my campers surprised me with the gift of a sterling silver ring.  She said, 'It's for you.  I want you to have it.'  She was six."

"Standing 16,700 feet off the ground level on top of the Andes."

"Asha's sweet face and smile, and the children's voices on the other side of the room."

"My heart melted this morning as I played pat-a-cake with my 2 1/2 year old son, he laughed warmly grabbed my cheeks and said, 'I love you, Dada.'"

"I melted when I kissed Sybil and forgot how much time had passed and that the afternoon had turned into night and turned into morning."

"There are so many moments.  All I have do is pay attention and beauty melts my heart.  Every moment you and I choose goodness I am inspired and the calouses that build upon my heart melt away."

"My heart melted when I gave birth to my 3 sons -- it continues to melt as I witness them growing into independent adults.  So many wonderful memories -- many milestones in this journey of life."

"When I was a young teenager, my father brought home a man he found who was starving under a bush.  Fritz, a former fighter pilot from WW I, from Germany, lived with us for over 3 months.  My father taught me love was action.  Watching a starving man eat was lovely."

"When I read the story 'Father and Son Getting Home,' by Wes."

"Looking into the face of a dozen young women who were orphans in Fiji and so genuinely graceful for the gifts and services we were there to provide.  Peace."

"When I looked at my sister." --Bilal Abraham, age 5.5 years old

"When my mommy hugged me." --Sakeenah Abraham, age 3.5 years

"When the stray cat came to me (I take care of them), even though they are sometimes irritating."

"Looking into my new friends' eyes."


"When I met my wife."

"The last time my heart melted was this morning when I heard my 2.5 year old son say, 'I love you.'  He has a speech delay and chooses his words carefuly.  It melts my heart every time he chooses to say, 'I love you.'"

"My heart melted when I met my friends new dog, a pitbull stray."

"Last night I melted into the earth and the tree, surrounded by loving people and accepting myself as one of a community, unafraid to express my talents and share my gifts unconditionally."

"The last time my heart melted was this very morning when it time to get my little son up to get him to his art group.  He looked sweet and tender as he is, and I snuggled up to him and nuzzled him awake.  That special time moved me from sleeping to waking."

"Love is a reflection."

"I think love is a the reflection of your true morality shared between people, despite your physical differences."

"Be careful in live, for pain it can create.  Do not own your karma, Now let it dissipate."

"Blueberry pie!"

"Milk & cookies melt my heart!"

"I'm too high to remember."

"Love is selfless.  It makes you care about other unconditionally.  One of the most beautiful feel."

"My moment my heart melted: my daughter brought me to this place, and I felt extremely warm and happy compassion from her as well as the people who introduced the concept to me."

--Vikram on Feb 13, 2011

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