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The Spirit of Karma Kitchen

I don't know how many noticed this, but yesterday just as orientation ended, a passerby's shopping bag handle snapped on the sidewalk right outside Karma Kitchen. As the woman scrambled to pick up her groceries, a frustrated "now-how-am-I-going-to-get-all-this-home" look on her face, one of our volunteers – Lehua, ran out to her car, "I have an extra shopping bag to give her," she said gleefully.

That's Karma Kitchen. Simple, everyday acts of kindness, opportunities that we all have access to -- right outside our windows. Yesterday was an amazing day at KK --- with the restaurant practically full twenty minutes after opening -- we served just under 100 guests by the end of the afternoon. Including a teacher and fifteen high schoolers from the South Bay, a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, a banjo player celebrating his twin daughters' Sweet Sixteen, a magazine editor, a photographer, and a couple about to embark on a one-way service trip to Kenya ...The theme of the day was Peace, books and even a DVD by the Dalai Lama, Peace Pilgrim’s life story in her own words, a new compilation of Gandhi’s most powerful writing, inspiration scrolls and of course Joe’s Peace Chains were all part of the day’s offerings. “Where do you find peace?” as part of the day’s activity, tables were asked to share their answers with us. Look for a compilation of their answers on the stories section of the Karma Kitchen website soon!

--Viral on Sep 21, 2009

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