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Our First-Ever Mobile-Sunday!

Over 5 billion mobile phones are currently used around the globe.   The unique part of mobile is that is creates a SoLoMo experience -- Social, Local, and Mobile.  And interestingly, Karma Kitchen is a platform to push those very bounds in a non-commercial direction.  So this Sunday, we're trying some mobile experiments!
At Karma Kitchen, everyone pays for the person after them.  That simple act of generosity, when done in unision with many dozens of people, creates a very unique vibe.  We multiply that by asking people to engage with a thoughtful theme, do creative acts of kindness, and step-it up.  As a result, some of the most beautiful transformations happen at KK.
Typically, the magic is shared with all those in the space.  But this Sunday, at the Berkeley location, we will be broadcasting it live, to anyone who wants to tune in online.  Guest quotes on the weekly theme, smiley photos, spontaneous videos of a live performance, and more.   Diners with mobiles can also Tweet, as many have done in the past, using the #KarmaKitchen hastag.  And folks can share their favorite moments on FourSquare too.  Two of our interns will video favorite moments of KK volunteers.  And surely, we'll stumble into many joyous possibilities that we haven't yet predicted. :)
To jump in the fun, you can: (a) join us for a meal this Sunday (in Berkeley) and help us co-create something new; (b) tune into our online feed on Twitter and FaceBook and share it with others; (c) sign-up to volunteer for May 8th, since we are likely to continue the experiment then; (d) send us cool new ideas of how connectivity can birth more ripples.
Rest assured, while we are trying out this experiment with mobile technologies, we are very mindful that the deepest beauty of the KK experience is something that goes beyond the realm of technology -- and supporting that human vibe will always remain our top priority.  Still, we look forward to some fun this Sunday!

--Nipun on Apr 30, 2011

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