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Today's KK: in 140 Character Updates :)

It was our first social-media Sunday at #KarmaKitchen, so we'll try to capture the magic in 140 characters.  New kind of haikus perhaps.

Brett, in opening circle, "I was gifted tix to sold out concert; the woman said, pay-it-forward at #KarmaKitchen, so I'm here to volunteer."
It looks like most of us are in maroon today?  Our goofiness even before the 'Open' sign turns on:
Opened slow.  That gave Barbara and our two interns -- -- a chance to setup  their tech corner!
A guest walks in with beautiful tulips: "Give it to random guests, & tell them that a stranger wanted to make 'em smile."
Mango Lassi @ #KarmaKitchen.  Enough said.   But today, Neil-n-Dillan's 'Sparkling Lemon Surprise' gave it a run for the money.
Guest: "Love your t-shirt." B2 generously gifts the shirt off his back: A #KarmaKitchen tradition:
Every #KarmaKitchen takes 100 volunteer hours.  Two rockstars who make it happen -- Kanchan and Dipa!  Thank you ladies.
What's the #BestAdvice you've received?  All #KarmaKitchen guests respond. Just in: "Someone loves you.  Everything will be okay."
Restaurant is totally quiet, as Adelaja sings at #karmakitchen:  Wild applause erupts.  Adelaja's rocks.
Bunch of folks tune into #KarmaKitchen live-tweeting.  Lotsa fun.  Sateen's guest says she knews the theme coz she read it online first.
Wait, where did our 14-year-old interns go?  They're on a 10-minute break to go "long boarding".  Neil: "Dude, I went 20 miles per hour!"
Big wait outside.  Almost 8 tables waiting.  #KarmaKitchen guests are so diverse.  Generosity belongs to all.
By day, he's a painter.  By night, he's a mystic.  Today, he's doing dishes at #KarmaKitchen.  Meet Hari:
The numbers are just in.  We served 120 guests.  Average traffic, but man, it felt crazy busy after 2PM.
"Live Life From a Space of Love." "Don't give out advice."  "Talk less, listen more."  #BestAdvice at #KarmaKitchen
On our FB fan page, Javier posts: "Did you hear that Bon Jovi just opened up a virtual copy of Karma Kitchen and he's calling is Soul Kitchen?"  We did hear.  Let the ripples spread. :)
FB fan post: "Pass ‘Go’. Forget the 200 dollars. Go directly to Park Place. And put your life there, on the line, with everything you've got."
Sanjay doesn't do dishes at home, but he was riot at #KarmaKitchen. "Exhausted but exhilerated," like Caille Millner:
While he was traveling in Ecuador, Sam's Dad once told him to never worry about money.  #BestAdvice at #KarmaKitchen
CNET editor dines at KK and RT's: Can you run a business without prices? If so, is it a business? At #karmakitchen
Did you notice the shape of the #KarmaKitchen cookies in that vegan ice-cream?  Thank you, Dipa!
"Pillars that support the temple stand apart." #BestAdvice at #KarmaKitchen
Guess who dined at #KarmaKitchen today?  The reknowned Jacob Needleman!  Watch his Bill Moyers interview:
Closing circle starts with some silence. At 10AM, we didn't know each other; by 4PM, we feel like we've found our siblings. Power of #love.
Mani puts on his leather jacket.  He drives a back-to-the-roots motorocyle, yo!
Didn't get enough of today's #KarmaKitchen experience?  Here's 109 photos that 14-year-old Dillan took:
Seen outside a gas sation once: "Inquire Within."  Heard and felt at #KarmaKitchen today. :)  Growing in generosity, from inside out.

--Bhoutik on May 1, 2011

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