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Shining Eyes at Karma Kitchen

Be Vocal In Times of Beauty we urged our guests a couple of Sundays ago. And they complied filling out the colored squares with reflections, perspectives, and instances of the beautiful in their own lives. Extracts of some of the wisdom, inspiration and insight they shared strung together is almost a poem unto itself:
Beauty is in the love you show towards others
In bluebirds on overcast Sunday mornings
In walks through unfamiliar cities
In neatly folded clothes
Beauty is best found when I am not looking for it
A child blowing bubbles into the breeze
A light cutting through the darkness
The heart knows Beauty is everywhere
Beauty is everything.
And this one from a lovely older couple who walked in at the tail end of the day -- firstimers to Karma Kitchen:
"Beauty is the inner joy shining through a delighted volunteer's eyes."
May our eyes and those of the people around us continue to shine :)

--Pavi on Sep 22, 2009

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