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Dancing Erupts at Karma Kitchen :)

Some of the posts from our Twitter and Facebook accounts ... 

A spontaneous dance erupts, as a guest hears Bhangra music on our speakers and everyone joins in and claps away:  Two minutes of pure joy.  Strangers celebrating next to each other as if they're family. Only at KK! :)

3 halleluyeahs for the deacon that dined at #KarmaKitchen!

World environment day at #KarmaKitchen celebrated by each person walking in the door - no straws!  Here's a pledge that a guest wrote in today:

A volunteer today flew in from New York y'day, so he could make sure to get in #KarmaKitchen volunteering today!  

If #KarmaKitchen vols didn't have an age requirement, these 2 are totally ready to serve: And these two also:  It's great to be planting seeds of generosity.  Some parents bring their youngsters with their piggy banks, so they get the experience of paying it forward.

"I'm feeling so much love towards all the volunteers right now." A volunteer, after they took this photo:

In case you don't recognize the faces, here it is again -- the crew that served 116 folks today:

--Twitter Volunteer :) on Jun 5, 2011

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