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Another Avocado Day at Karma Kitchen! :)

What an amazing Avocado of a day at Karma Kitchen! As Jazz pointed out during our opening circle Karma Kitchen is like that guacamole-giving fruit in that it is difficult to describe to someone who's never 'tasted' it before -- is something that needs experiencing in order to be understood. :-)

Thank you All for co-creating that experience for each other and for our guests this afternoon! As several people commented, the flow of the day was wonderfully smooth with everyone finding and swiftly filling gaps for each other in a crew that was unexpectedly two people short today (Shayan and Angel we missed you and hope everything is alright on your end!).

When people bring their parents-from-out-of-town to Karma Kitchen it's a testimony to the goodness they perceive here and want to share with their nearest and dearest, when a teacher brings a batch of his high school students here for the second week in a row it's proof of the quiet lesson we all spontaneously learn when encountering unconditional generosity, when a woman comes in with the next in an unbroken series of beautiful handmade photo-cards to gift us, when a server hears a table of two remark, "The whole world should run like this!", when a casual invitation to drop in on this pay-it-forward experiment to the random person stuck next to you in a line somewhere in the city on a Friday night results in them actually showing up amazed that they never knew this place existed, when paths that happen to cross on the other side of the country lead to certain people walking arriving at our doorstep in Berkeley, when a doctoral student with a crammed schedule drops by early in the morning to help set up and give a plating tutorial, when volunteers who come in already sleep-deprived and exhausted leave after 6 hours of hard work feeling despite it all oddly -- refreshed --- it's an unmistakable sign that something gloriously Avocado is happening :-)

--Pavi on Sep 28, 2009

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