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World Religion Class dines at Karma Kitchen

I’m a high school teacher in San Jose, teaching World Religions as a Senior Elective, and I’ve been going to Karma Kitchen infrequently for the past few years.  In teaching various faith traditions from around the world, the idea of “karma” certainly comes into the classroom discussion.  But, as you may know with seniors pre-occupied with their social circles and college applications, these inspiring words may fall on deaf ears; enter, Karma Kitchen. 

I strive to make my class as experiential as possible, so when a friend suggested I take my classes to Karma Kitchen to engage in the idea of “gift giving” I thought it was a great idea.  Three years ago, three students joined in the experience, which grew this past Sunday to 15 students!  Below you’ll read about ways in which a few students thought to pay-it-forward beyond Karma Kitchen.  Thank you everyone!


“I took the train home after school [so my dad] didn’t have to pick me up and could rest in the afternoon.” --Rajeev

“…Vacuuming the entire house would be a nice way to help my mother out because she does not have a lot of time to perform this task. After vacuuming the entire house, which did not take a long time, I decided to do everyone’s laundry in my house since it backs up quite a bit during the week days. Karma Kitchen does a great job of opening up their ideas to the public and with such great food, how could I not take them up on their offer to perform a random act of kindness.” --Matt

“I chose to participate in California Coastal Clean-up Day.” --Viet

“On Friday, I welcomed one of the new freshmen into my Filipino club. “ -- Stephen

“This was my first time tasting Indian food and it was delicious! I have made it a goal to do at least one good deed every day for the rest of my life basically. I was exhausted from this long weekend [and]… The second I got back, my cousin who is not yet able to drive needed to go to various stores to buy things she can use for when she moves out of our house in 3 months.” --Madu

“I woke up at around 8 o’clock in the morning about helping a elderly woman rearrange furniture and organize some cabinets, as well as organizing old piano music, bank papers and help going through all of her late husband’s belongings.” --Eric

--Paul on Sep 28, 2009

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