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128 Guests Today! :)

Thanks for another wonderful day at Karma kitchen!! We served over 128 guests today!

As usual, we hosted some really interesting people -- which started with a group of grannies from a senior center who came in a van and sat at the community table. They totally loved their unique experience. One of the volunteers met couple of old high school friends, one of whom was a guest and the other was a volunteer! There were several people who did not know about KK and were just walking by and took a chance on a new experience -- and ended up thanking us over and over, for the unique experience.

The theme of the day was "Change" and we heard some very insightful responses from - change is necessary to "thanks for a wonderful community and having change every second of the day" to beautiful drawings. (My favorite is the photo posted to the right side.)

For me, personally, it is heartwarming to see more and more guests wanting to sit at the community table, wanting to connect with others rather than protecting their "space" ... I am inclined to believe that one day, all our tables will be community tables :) and every single person wants to move from "isolation to community"!

What a wonderful day! Thanks everyone for the support and the opportunity to serve with you. Looking forward to many more opportunities ...

--Kanchan on Aug 14, 2011

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