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Unite with Laughter, Friends & Love!

"If you were not afraid of failure, what would you do today?This was the themed question of the day that Karma Kitchen guests were introduce to when entering the restaurant. 

With this in mind, 138 guests poured in at a steady flow, keeping the house just filled to the brim but not overflowing. As tummies filled with loved-filled food, minds settled to enable deep thinking. Many responded to the question saying they would change a significant aspect of their lives....a better job, a new home-town, attempting the impossible were just a few examples of what fear of failure prevents us from realizing.  However, the ambiance of compassion shattered personal barriers such that guests and servers alike had no fear to be open and generous with each other. 

On several occasions, actions such as a few caring words, a caressing hug, and a tender touch moved adults to tears.  A one year old baby girl smiled like the sun after being tagged with a drawing made by another child in the restaurant.  One couple specifically came to Karma Kitchen to rejuvenate and energize prior to their evening performance in the city.  Another joined the community table and subsequently planned a radio program to showcase the gift economy. 

Many guests came not knowing what to expect, but all left with an understanding of how selfless giving sustains wealth and well being far better than consumerism. 

This Sunday, Karma Kitchen proved to be that place where the community can unite, friends can laugh, children can play, couples can love, and servers can blow everyone away with generosity.

--Mani on Jan 17, 2012

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