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An Artful Sunday

Thank you for a joyous time of service, last Sunday at Karma Kitchen!

We served 152 guests and spread lots of ripples of generosity.  From a NY Times best selling author to a first-date (which went very well :)) to a Catholic priest to many first-timers who had never experienced a "gift economy", our guests spanned the entire spectrum.   As one of Juliana's guests explained to another friend: "Karma Kitchen is like an enclave in the world where the normal laws of Economics don't apply."  The context of generosity we all co-created really does bring out the best in everyone.  Adam sang pop songs in the back while Michelle and Joanna were busy trying to create smile-shaped peas on the plates and Root relayed the food; Mike and Scott shuttled from the front to the back as Andy was busing tables and Karan's Shinto-Shaman guest wrote down 10 websites for him to explore "options trading". :)   All along, Sam was busy "harvesting lettuce without counting the leaves".  Lin could multi-task dessert like nobody else, but her closing comments were touching: "First time, I came here for community service hours; today, I'm back because it feels so great."  Alex, who had "wettest job in the house", summed it up quite well: "It was amazing to be part of something where we came together to do something that none of us could've done individually.  And that too, with strangers who had never worked together before."  
Yesterday, two teenage sisters came with their mother to practice generosity at Karma Kitchen.  They tagged others with smiles and told them about our theme of "Art as Service".  One of the guests wrote this beautiful note: 
And a guest named Jahson offered up an energizing poetry reading, that compelled another random guest to write on our site: "One of the most memorable KK experiences I've had, which came on a particularly magical Sunday for me."  Jahson's 6-year-old son also looked on proudly, as people thanked his father.  A guest asked to buy his book, and he said, "That was my third book sale; maybe I can even call myself an author now."  The anchors spontaneously opted to buy ten books (which we all now have) and confirmed, "Jahson, You're definitely an author."  Small acts of love, nurturing one journey at at time. :)
Thanks again for serving.  In serving others together, we organically come closer to each other and that's a beautiful thing.

--Sam and NM on Feb 21, 2012

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