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Who Receives the Most? And KQED Reporter. :)

One of the things I noticed this week was how volunteers themselves were moved by the experience.  Arthur came in at 9AM for setup with mantra of "practicing oneness", in the opening circle Jazz mentioned how he needed Karma Kitchen after battling a friend's suicide attempt the night before, MJ shared how KK is really like a temple experience for him, Lachmin spoke about the irony of her speeding ticket :) while driving all the way from Sacramento, Tanya talked about moving from London just the week before and experiencing community, and so on.  Multiply all that positivity with the wide ranging guests from a UC Berkeley professor to an author of a book to students to seniors to friends of servers to passerbys to Irina Rivkin singing a song to Mike Lee interviewing guests for KQED's California Report.  It created wonderful ripples of goodness.

--Nipun on Oct 19, 2009

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