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Karma Kitchen & The Magic Carpet

Last Sunday at Karma Kitchen in the spirit of Thanksgiving we invited guests to reflect on gratitude and what they were grateful for. Below is a selection of four of the wonderful responses we received...

" Gratitude is a magic carpet to this moment. When I am grateul I am not imprisoned in my fantasises of the past or present. For example, I am more agitated than usual for Karma Kitchen day, because I walked in worried about catching an Amtrak train this afternoon. As soon as I saw Pavi, Kye and Susan and the joy of Karma Kitchen I was grateful and in the moment. I now thank KK for all the smiles, food and chai, knowing: everything is OK. Catching the train belongs in the future. Now, I thank KK for this wonderful life. NOW.


Karma Kitchen is an adventure hidden in plain sight where some of the hard shell of our isolation and fear of others can be softenend by an atmosphere of generosity and giving -- Strangers meet over food in the context of the wonderful paradigm of giving -- Its all a gift of a group of people inspired to spread the self-healing that can grow from acts of kindness and a feeling for others --
Thank you Karma Kitchen!!

Reminds me of my mom's house. A menu with no prices is radical and amazing.  The idea of a "gift economy" is very inspiring -- I would love to learn more.


Thanks to the people of Karma Kitchen for a BEAUTIFUL manifestation of GRATITUDE IN ACTION.

--Karma Kitchen Coordinator on Nov 23, 2009

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