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"I Have Enough": Things That Bring Me Contentment

This week's theme, partly inspired by Rev. Heng Sure's wonderful song, turned out to be a subtle one, with varying interpretations. From the opening server circle, where Arthur put forth his modified version :) "I AM enough" to a conversation with a guest towards the end of the day which centered around the question: enough of WHAT? Many pointed out that during this time of monetary recession, contemplating "I have enough" can tie the mind in a sort of knot! So it seemed to do during this server-guest conversation. And then we considered a redefinition of wealth, as it were, to not only include financial capital, but right in front of our eyes was an abundance of social capital! And how about serendipity capital (always high at KK:), or SMILE capital :), or spiritual capital...and then a knowing smile forms on the face, because we realize, as perhaps Arthur meant, that we *have* so much of this as part of our *being* -- and in giving our various forms of capital we actually *create* more wealth.

A few guest contributions that stood out to me:

Five things that bring me contentment in my life: Walking in Nature, Giving to others, Meditation, Spending time with my family, The love of my husband  *  I have more than enough of: Money, Vitality, Insight, Love, Vision  *  Grateful for Yoga. Grateful for the darkness, without it the light wouldn't be seen. Grateful for a wonderful place that all can come and gather in love, generosity and peace. Grateful for today's sunshine and light. We are grateful for you!


And finally, nothing says contentment quite like these drawings :-)


--Chris on Dec 1, 2009

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