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Effortless Synergy

Thank you guys for a rockin' time serving 106 guests last Sunday.

It is hard to imagine that so many of us were meeting each other for the very first time!  Kevin admitted that at work he's usually checking his watch every half hour, but he never once realized that it was six hours at Karma Kitchen!   Dilip was volunteering for the first time and was stunned to friends amongst the random guests that were walking in.  Michael kept stumbling into serendipities as he served the logistically complicated community table (and has already published a "guide" to make life easier for future servers).  Aka's plating magic was solid and has already signed up as a Dishwasher for Jan 3rd!  Jazz came in, despite being on 2 hour sleep, and wondered out loud: "I used to hate doing all this when I was getting paid for it, but I absolutely love doing it at Karma Kitchen!"  Lachmin's Dad just returned from ER but she said she couldn't miss Karma Kitchen, because she had to refuel herself.  Birju made his travels plans to NY in a way that he could serve at Karma Kitchen, to complete his home-run of having served in DC, LA, India and now in the bay-area.  And we had a lot of "cool under pressure" people that made everything go smoothly -- Laura's dessert, Chinmay's dishwashing and Aumatma's interfacing!

It was no wonder that a guest asked: "How come all of you have such big smiles?"  It was no wonder that a college Physics professor comes over to a server after he's already paid and asks, "I'm just feeling very grateful.  Is there a way I can add $5 to my offering?"  It was no wonder that when we tagged guests with Mariette's India-goodies, at least one guest couldn't hold back her tears of gratitude.

And it was no wonder that after all that work, our faces were radiating with a profound sense of joy:

Thank you for taking time out to practice generosity together.  I, for one, am certainly better off because of it. 

As Jazz quoted his KK buddies in DC: "If it's too good to be true, it's probably Karma Kitchen."

--Maitre-D :) on Dec 22, 2009

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