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Beauty is ... in the Eyes of the Waitress! :)

From Katie's oh-so-glorious song to the shaking-in-disbelief customer to the couple-in-tears, thank you for a wonderful Karma Kitchen yesterday!  It is because of the invisible leadership that people like Neil and Tom provide at the edges, and because of the commitment to generosity that all of you bring that such sacred spaces are created.

Our theme for the week was on beauty and here were just some of the thoughts that people shared ...

Beauty is ... in the eyes of the waitress :) ... being by the ocean on a beautiful day when the sun is shining ... when I feel my inner soul in others ... in my house ... my beloved dog (what else would i ever want?) ... when the dew drop falls into the ocean ... [math equation] ... the lines of an old man's face on the train in San Francisco ... when my mom was dying and I told her that I forgave her and that I was proud of her ... behind brick walls, in a beautiful palace filled with gardens and a rich history ... opportunity to worship before sunrise ... love and compassion one feels for all beings ... emerging leaves and fresh growth of spring and falling colors and decay of autum ... expressing gratitude and love everytime we feel it ... full moon last night ... my friend who can shine her light even with a debilitating illness ... studying symbolic logic ... [drawing of two cars with happy people!] ... the bus driver ... nature, friends, music, peace ... my nehphew's giggle ... Karma Kitchen ... you!
Thank you everyone!

--Maitre-D :) on Mar 1, 2010

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