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The New Spring of Humanity

The equilibrium between day and night, when the light of the Sun warms more and more the surface of one of Earth's hemispheres ... it's an equinox. It is the start of a new Spring.

And with a new Spring, especially at higher latitudes, another Renewal of our spirits (this week's theme). Karma Kitchen witnessed, once again, the magic of community and healing. Not once, not twice but three (non-consecutive) times, we all listen to the wisdom emanating from Native American chants. Celebrating the life of a person, a birthday, in Dakota language. I closed my eyes the three times and I felt as our brothers and sisters from the Dakota 38 Reconciliation Ride were there with us. But this time the songs were sang by a Caucasian man who told us before the last performance:

"I learned this song from a Sioux elder to welcome Spring. To respect our women, we all are the creation of a woman, and to love our children."

Healing was on the air. The Spring of Forgiveness and Reconciliation permeated the restaurant. As he closed his eyes, he became an instrument of something indescribably powerful. This was not a "white" man anymore. I was not a "brown" listener any more. Somehow, this person was claiming his full humanity, and we were riding the wave with him. He could rest comfortably in the privilege that come with being white, or man, but he chose to be a human being.

Warm thanks to the Karma Kitchen family for holding another space of the New Spring of Humanity.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin,

"Little Bull" (aka Pancho)

--Pancho on Mar 22, 2010

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