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I got my PhD(RT) at Karma Kitchen!

Susan Schaller is a huge fan of Karma Kitchen. After her first time at KK, she went home and sold her car as a commitment to her simplicity. Now, every week, she walks couple miles to get to the restaurant. And she's made a renewed commitment to give away something every week, that is very difficult for her to let go.

This week, she brought many of her most precious possessions from pendants to coins from memorable travels -- all with a wonderful hand-written quotes that started with "My cup runneth over.  Abundance is seen when shared."  Because I was volunteering at her table, and she knew that I had left my PhD in favor of slow science, she gave me an offering too: her tassle from her graduation! "It's PhD(RT) -- Peace, Having Done the Right Thing!" she explained. And not only that, she knows that I believe Poetry is the Science of the Soul, so she gifted me one of her favorite pens to encourage me to keep writing! What abundance I felt.

--Pancho on Sep 6, 2009

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