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Service was Joy, indeed!!!

We started our day with the quote from Rabindranath Tagore-
     I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was
     service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

10 enthusiastic Volunteers together were there to experiment ourselves whether "Service was really a joy!!!"
The day was slower than other KK Sundays which gave all the volunteers time to connect more closely with Guest and fellow volunteers.

After Volunteering three times in KK together, finally I got to know that Natalie was born and raised in homehown nearby charleston,IL where I spent 6 years of good old college life. Thanks to the Slow day! That totally made me nostalgic about my college life. All of sudden I started to miss my college life, which once I used to call "Home away from Home" A small midwest town, full of big hearted people.

Then I get in tune with conversation with guest team brought by our regular volunteer Valarie who were just visiting DC from NY. This is my best part of KK when our regular volunteers and guests bring their out of town guests to KK. A big testimony of our growing KK family! The relaxed and slow paced atmosphere really gave all the volunteers more opportunities to crack some conversation with many guests and fellow volunteers

Usually we always ask Guests to write the comments about KK but we took this opporunity of slow day to have some volunteers comments-

Here are some of the comments we receive from the volunteers -
  • I came in to volunteer without much energy and left with an abundance of it. I love volunteering at KK.
  • Thanks to call my fellow volunteers that were so genuinely kind. You all warmed my heart and soul. Thanks for listening & all the wonderful advice that you gave. I hope to see and volunteer with you all again in the future!
  • The group synergy at KK was amazingly unique as always. My aha monent was a reminder that in order to accept kindness with no awkwardness - as a gift, we have to give kindness with no alterior motive.
  • The highlight of my week and the reason I make the 30 minute drive. New friends & great experiences! I love you, KK!
  • Really lovely food, fellowship and comradery. It WAS A JOY TO SERVE. Am grateful for this opportunity.
in service,

--Krishna on Apr 18, 2010

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