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KK: Where the kind can be kind :)

When I was growing up, the place to go for your birthday was Chuck-E-Cheese, where "a kid can be a kid" :) The place had all kinds of arcades, games, prizes, pizza, music, and a big room full of plastic balls to swim around in. It was an absolute blast. But it seems like the new hot spot for birthday fun is our very own Karma Kitchen :)

Last month, Praveen volunteered at KK Berkeley on his birthday, and in a now legendary story, gifted the shirt off his own back to a guest, with the line, "... my birthday is more special because I get to give this gift. Laundry before use." :)

Inspired by Praveen's story, Mani signed up to serve this Sunday, on his own birthday. In the opening circle, he told us how he thought what Praveen did made perfect sense. "This is the best way to celebrate your birthday," he explained.

We were all touched by Mani's generosity, graciousness, and warmth. During a break in the action the volunteers in the back joined those in the front and with the guests offered a happy birthday song to Mani, a card, and hearty applause. But it didn't stop there! Sakura, one of our super servers, had her friend Devina "tag along" for the opening circle before she took off to take care of some errands. But after hearing Mani say how he was spending his birthday serving others, Devina was so rocked that she decided she had to tag Mani! So after running her errands which took her all the way out of town, Devina circles all the way back to the restaurant, this time carrying in a parcel of gourmet cupcakes! With some stealthy candle lighting she manages to surprise Mani for a second time that day, and we join in with another song and best wishes.

From Tom's step-it-up leadership to Sakura (a.k.a. "cherry blossom :))'s artistic touch around the tables to Jeremy's maitre d-in-waiting skills with guests to Dipa patiently reading the menu to a guest over the phone :) to our last two tables being moms each carefully serving their two young kids, there were many visible and invisible elements that made this a special day. As they all are at Karma Kitchen, where the kind-hearted can be kind :)
PS : Customer extends kindness beyond KK
Craig, one of the dining customer whom Mani served at KK on that day, extended his kindness by inviting mani to his band performance that evening in People's park in Berkeley. Mani accepted and showed up for the concert where Craig graciously posed for snap with a whole Antioquia band. Needless to say it was a exhilarating experience even when Mani didnt inhale ;)

--Maitre-D' on Apr 26, 2010

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