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Nice, warm day at Karma Kitchen...

 The weather turned out nice and warm and it made all of us hot while working!  It also made some of us sleepy after eating, but we pulled through until the end.  We served 61 guests.  A lot of regular volunteers showed up as a guest and it created more cheerful, friendly and energetic atmosphere.  Hope you guys all enjoyed volunteering.
Jilna welcomed guests with warm greetings at the door.  We were going to make her a bouncer after 2:45pm if any guests showed up, but it didn't happen.  I really wanted to see that... haha...  Jane, Brooke, Caitlin and Dahlia made excellent servers!  Jane handled the chaotic regular volunteer guests at the community table really well.  Brooke, Caitlin and Dahlia surprised me that this was their first time serving or volunteering at Karma Kitchen.  I personally sat at a table with my friend and Caitlin served our table.  She was so smooth and I felt like I was at a regular restaurant!  Miriam mastered Sala's recipe of Pommegranate+Blueberry fizz.  It was so busy at the bar because of the warm weather.  A lot of drink refills came in and Miriam kept everything under control!  Then... down in the kitchen was a whole another sotry.  Karthik blasted K-pop (Karthik pop) and people moved to the music even though it was so hot!  Naina was in the full force plating one after another.  Jeremiah dressed up really nice but had to hide it behind the white apron.  Sorry!  But as usual, his interface job was excellent and accident free!
Jilna suggested that we should all try to tag at least one person and a few of us did!  It is weird to tag somebody for the first time but some of us already broke the mold and tagged people!  Yay!
Comments to the next week guests
We experimented this for the first time this week and it worked very well.  We will enclose these comments into each check envelop this coming Sunday.  Hopefully this relay will continue.  Here are some comments:
- I love this experiment.  Will bring friends to help, pay it forward!
- Great food, excellent people serving people
- Great concept... keep up the good work, guys!
- Welcome to Karma Kitchen!  This is our home.  You are our guests.  We're happy you are here and we hope you come again (and bring friends). 
- We hope you enjoy the food and spirit of this house of giving and kindness.  Pay it forward and eat hearty!  Cheers :)
Bon Voynage
Naina is flying to India this Sunday and Brooke is moving to Nicaragua the end of May. I believe Naina is on vacation.  So hopefully she will come back to KK after her trip.  Brooke will be working in Nicaragua for 2 years.  We all wish her good luck and hope she won't forget us!!!
A little story
Over a month ago, 2 Colombian ladies came to Karma Kitchen without knowing what KK is about or what Indian food is like.  In addition to it, they speak very little English.  Valerie, one of our volunteers, explained the concepts of KK in Spanish and these ladies stayed and tried the Indian food for the first time.  Guess what!  They came back this past Sunday.  I was the only volunteer who met them last time and they recognized my face as they walked in.  They wanted to try "everything" in the menu and left us the following message. 
"Como siempre gracias por atendernos y brindarnos su comida con tanto carinio.  Gloria e Ida" (As always thank you for serving us and bringing us food with a lot of love).


--Aya on Apr 27, 2010

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