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How Do You Say Thank You for Unconditional Love?

Dear KK crew,

Well, it seems our self-fulfilling prophecy was fulfilled: by the end of the day we all had huge smiles on our faces! :) The infectious energy of Karma Kitchen never fails to rock, and often in ways that we will never know.... What we do know from Sunday is that we made an awesome team!

In the front, Matthew clearly shed whatever reluctance there might have been :) and served his heart out, Praveen brought his solid, veteran (omni)-presence, and Vikram served with non-stop dedication, quietly but powerfully. In the back, Bill accomplished the amazing feat of staving of another "great glass shortage of 2010" and singlehandedly no less! (oh and Mr. "Hurricaine" Juan I'm sure was helpful as well :)) Roshni and Geeta gave some motherly-like love to each dish that came out, staying on top of the orders even during the big swell -- they made it look easy! and then Alison...well, you couldn't tell we were short-handed with Alison deftly maneuvering between roles of drinks, desserts, savior, busser...and all with a contagious smile. :) And although he's not shown in the picture (thanks Richard!) and wasn't on the roster that day, :) Bhoutik's energy and last-minute dishwashing uplifted us all.

What unconditional service to match our theme to honor Mother's Day: "Unconditional Love." Each theme finds unique resonance with that week's guests and this one really brought out the muse in a lot of folks! Some guests even decided to anonymously write happy Mother's day notes to mothers in the room. Roshni kindly typed those up and I'll post them separately.

Also that day, two different guests decided to film their Karma Kitchen experience. Puri (Maitre-D extraordinaire) and I had some good laughs outside with them, as one of them wanted to interview us for a blog post about Karma Kitchen. :) How much value would never have been created and rippled forward if we had not shown up on Sunday? If the cooks had not lovingly prepared the food? If the guests had not come in the spirit of openness and generosity? If last week's guests had not paid their unconditional gift forward? If the gifts from various corners of the world had not somehow made their way to the kindness table, waiting to enrich an unsuspecting life? :)

We can never seek to measure, or repay all the kindness that manifests week after week. But we can of course pay it forward next week :) and we can say "thank you" this week -- for "lifting us up like a flock of sparrows and making us feel a tiny bit lighter." :)
In unconditional service,

--Interface :) on May 10, 2010

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