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Road to Heaven Paved with Good Intentions

Sundays have a certain grace about them in many cultures. How early does that grace start?  For Karma Kitchen last Sunday, it started at 9:00am! 

That's right - from Florida to San Jose to a cozy bed near you, our radiant crew flowed into Karma Kitchen starting at 9am. No wonder the day was bountiful with good intentions! (A timely theme chosen by 
Candy Marie & particularly enjoyed by a soon-to-be-married couple of guests.)

Kinjal was meant to be a Server, and she radiated that serenity and a 300-Watt smile all day. Be sure to catch this woman in action next time! Michael merged his restaurant expertise with a contagiously boisterous heart at our community tables - and have we mentioned he came from Florida for this? Meghan was a magnet for generosity, proven when she gave her copy of a meditation manual to a woman in an act of sure-fire synchronicity - then received the last of its kind from ever-mindful Chris at our closing circle! (His powers of keen observation and quiet grace set quite the tone for us this week.)  Eva basked in the glow and enjoyed numerous occasions to boogie with joy at the overflowing kindness in the room. And our aptly named Savior, Joni, led us all in true service with only a big ol' smile and shining brow to show her inspiration. Well, she might have "whoopeed" a bit, too. (I know we mentioned this, but Joni and nephew Michael came ALL THE WAY FROM FLORIDA.) Sadan's subtle service on plates blossomed when he transitioned to a server, reflecting what chivalry can look like in modern times. 

While uber veteran Roshni managed all the flow, in the back it was all smiles, and while we had over a hundred guests to serve food to, the atmosphere could only be described as calm, collected, and well, just "rejuberated"! (credit goes to Richard for our new vocab word!) First-timer Candy Marie teamed up with Juan to take on the arduous task of dish-washing for the whole day.  She cleaned with a huge smile, all the while asking all the chefs for recipes for what was being served up that day.  Sadan and Bill defied gender stereotypes, as they became the first male duo to grace us with their amazing plating skills at KK, since its inception over three years ago!  Iris, an experienced server, owned drinks and desserts this week, showing her versatility.  Regardless of what role she played, she was just thrilled with the opportunity to serve!

Rarely do we see a group support every person in the room so thoroughly and with such... well, generosity. It was an honor.

--3 Amigo Anchors on Jun 16, 2010

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