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Community Poem: My father (Father's day tribute)

We experimented a community poem this past Sunday.  We passed a poem sheet from table to table and asked guests to contribute a sentence or two to the poem titled "My Father."  After I read this, I was really touched.  Thank you to all the contributors, and I would like to dedicate this poem to all the fathers around the world. 

My father

My father taught me sports link I am his son (I am a girl!)

He holds my hand, fortifies my mind, shows me how to hold my heart upright and offer it to others

As well as the art that I show to my mother!

He knows what I need, and he works hard to provide for me.

The father amongst Kings he keeps me sound in moments of despair.

He is the object of my life and fortitude of my dreams.

By his example, I learn how to give and not to judge, to love and receive love.

To be above all, a gentleman and scholar, showing a pure heart beneath the vest.

My father is a special man.  He has taught me to be kind to others and independent.

I heard we learn our work habits from our fathers.

He wants the best for me.   So I try my best.

He is very caring and loving and he accepts me!

My father strong in his stand set in the form of god’s gift.

Unknowingly suffocates my spirit, but because today is his to shine I will let it slide.

His memory stretches across the sky like the clouds that give us shade and nourishing water. 

Learned, not forceful or proud, but ready with an answer or honest “I don’t’ know.” Strong forces observed with <Hebrew writing> and like Karma Kitchen’s philosophy, I hope to one day, pay forward all the love my father gave me to my own child.

--Aya on Jun 21, 2010

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