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The 4th of July at Karma Kitchen

I just wanted to thank you all for such a fantastic time last Sunday. It was very uplifting to see so many people volunteering over a holiday weekend. I think we brought some great energy and enthusiasm to the community this past weekend.

Our group of first time servers: Suzie, Jonathan, Mustafa and Sudan were all incredible. Without a day of Karma Kitchen waiter/waitress experience, our four servers supplied our guests with a steady stream of drinks, naan, and smiles. They worked seamlessly with Roshni, our interface. She kept everyone in rhythm and juggled a few complicated group orders with ease!

In the back, Matthew and Susan were a plating tag-team. Bringing great positive energy that the back of the restaurant fed off all day, these two plated and presented some beautiful and delicious plates. Arthur kept everyone in stitches, cracking jokes while handling the drinks and dessert section. He seemed to read the servers' minds, always having a few back-up mango lassi's or pie slices ready to go.

In front, MJ was his usual "all-smiles" self as our maitre d'. From groups of students to a traveling guitar band, MJ made everyone feel welcome, and spoke to the Karma Kitchen mission with clarity and excitement. Aditi helped keep the front of the restaurant running smoothly, jumping in to fill water pitchers, bus tables, deliver food, or whatever else we needed our 'savior' to do! Candy Marie and Tom rounded things out, keeping a steady flow of dishes and silverware for the servers.

All in all, a great day of volunteering by everyone. We served over 80 people, and we did a great job helping Berkeley celebrate the 4th of July with sharing and love. It was very rewarding to step up the kindness on such a special day for our country.

--Tom on Jul 7, 2010

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