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"Be Kind to Each Other" T-Shirts

One fine day, I was Googling the word kindness and ran into Karma Kitchen.  It really resonated with the t-shirts I was making, so I came as a guest several times and found everyone there very welcoming, loving and open.  Best of all it was so much fun!

This last week, census was low at the hospital that I work for, and I had been canceled 3 times that week.  "I could get down and go into a slump, or I could pick myself up and actually do something," I told myself.

So I volunteered at Karma Kitchen.  Not only that, I brought along some t-shirts that could gifted.  Each shirt said, "Be Kind to Each Other", so it was a simple way to spread good cheer in the world.  When random guests were "tagged" with the t-shirt and asked to pay-it-forward, they will filled with such joy and surprise and it opened me up to give more freely.

I left there that day feeling uplifted and carefree.  Thank you, Karma Kitchen!

--Vishali on Sep 10, 2009

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