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July 11 at Berkeley Karma Kitchen

"She is courageous and fearless"

"He plays 5 instruments"

"Her smile alone gives a sense of security and warmth."


This Sunday, our theme of the day at Berkeley was interconnection. Partly spurred by the excitement surrounding the World Cup finale, we challenged ourselves and our guests to think connections. To think about how we know each other, and to think about how we can get closer in our relationships.

This week was marked by some exceptional performances by our volunteers. With the roster looking sparse, we had some Karma Kitchen veterans step it up. Bhoutik had his first day as maitre d', and he was incredible. Moving from table to table, sporting his traditional B2 smile, Bhoutik spent all day making new guests feel welcome and getting everyone thinking about kindness. Sam B. also stepped up and agreed to try out our interface role. Sam guided our new servers and effortlessly coordinated quite a few big orders.


Our two new servers, Prasanna and Avelina, were a source of energy and excitement all day. Just the two of them covered the entire restaurant, yet they still had time to get to know their guests and experience Karma Kitchen.


Lachmin and Aditi were both all-stars. Lachmin came as a last-minute savior, helping clear tables just as the post-match lunch rush kicked in. Aditi helped make sure the naan came out quickly, and she learned how to make a mean basket herself.


The back of the restaurant  was a steady but surging river. Our two platers, Kevin and Carol, were on the same wavelength all day, cranking out plates of delicious, warm food. Gabby was making drinks and desserts faster than the servers could bring them out. Even Carol's sister Judy, helped join in on the act. She was inspired to serve after enjoying her lunch at Karma Kitchen.


All in all, it was a fantastic day. It's great to see Berkeley coming out to support this experiment in generosity all summer. Also, congratulations to Karma Kitchen Chicago. We all anxiously await that story :)

--Tom on Jul 12, 2010

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