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What Brings Me Joy?

Being the maitre-D, I was able to witness the incredible diversity of people that walked in through the Karma Kitchen doors and simply lit up in the ambiance.   It was especially obvious when I came home at read each of the incredible offerings of "joy" that SO many of our guests shared ... here's a sampling:

What brings me joy?  Spending time with my family.  Vegan food.  Dharma.  Food made with love.  Music.  My sister.  Sunshine.   Karma Kitchen.  Good books, good conversations, good friends.  Power Rangers.  Naps.  Sushi.  Gerber daisies.  Making others smile.  Small children.  Smile Cards!  Babies (and their pure innocent cute smiles). Singing.  Being with people blessed enough to be on a spiritual journey.  That someone is teaching meditation to prisoners.  Making friends with strangers.  World peace. Ballet.  Curling up with a book, with a pet.  Nepali hospitality.  Freeing oneself from worry.  Color of mango lassi.  Harry Potter.  Comedy.  Joy of being connected.  Shining sun.  Creating art.  Genuine empathy.  Ballads, stickers, and people's stories.  Picnics.  Exclamation points! :) Lying on the earth.  Good conversation.  Living life fully.  Thoughtful actions, yummy desserts, playful doggies, sentimental songs.   Coffee.  Stuffed animals.  My favorite song in the whole wide world.  Old couples.  Places like Karma Kitchen.  Henna booths on telegraph.  Serendipities.  My garden and my bees.  Being underwater in Hawaii.  Marshmellows.  Vanilla streamers.  How I feel in love with my girlfriend over a technical paper!  Laughing. Rainbows.  Ammachi.  Hummingbirds.  A cool, brisk, San Francisco breeze.  Kind strangers.  Doing good for others.  Hugs.  Karma Kitchen. :)

What a privilege to play a small part in helping people experience that space of joy within themselves!  Thank you, all.

--Maitre-D :) on Aug 15, 2010

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