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Karma Kitchen DC Grand Re-opening. Serendipity Everywhere.

Serendipity is all around Karma and KK DC's grand re-opening last sunday was no different.

One of our guests went to the ATM to get cash to pay their meal forward. When they arrived at the ATM, they found $40 laying there!

A gentleman who was walking by, received a free hug from one of volunteers outside. He then walked into Karma Kitchen out of curiosity. He said he thought it was a gimmick. He was reluctant to eat. Still, we served him a glass of water, and tagged him with a pack of handmade note cards. Turns out, the note cards were made by someone from the same town as him!

We were honored to have Anup Poudel join us as a guest. Anup’s video “democracy is black” won the “Democracy. Your voice. Your video” challenge, and traveled to DC from Nepal to receive his award from the State department.

The beautifully renovated restaurant didn’t go unnoticed! Photos from last sunday are here; thank you Krishna, and Aya for the photos!

--Alyssa & Sala on Sep 16, 2010

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