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Bellarmine College Prep students visit Karma Kitchen



Recently I started bringing my World Religions class to Karma Kitchen as realistic and practical response to the what we learn in the classroom.  Students are typically amazed by the gracious hospitality and generous amounts of food served weekly.  They're also amazed an experience like this is free and paid for by someone they've never met.  Here's a couple ways they paid it forward:

The same day after going to Karma Kitchen, I was hanging out with my Sam Goldstein. His brother Noah was having problems with his bike, and since I have mechanic experience I put it up on my repair stand and spent some time fixing it for him. I didn't even realize that I was paying it forward until Sam mentioned it, and put a "smile card" in Noah's spokes. Hopefully the card travels far as people keep helping each other.

Brian Cunningham

The most recent good deed, to the best of my recollection, involved a freshman runner and Mr. Kniffin.  We were running back from 5th bridge on an unresonably hot day, and they were flagging fairly rapidly.  To get their minds off of it, I chatted with them for the entire run.  It made the practice go faster and didn't take much extra effort on my part but seemed to make a difference for them.

Kyle Rae

--Paul Spitzmueller on Sep 22, 2010

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