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Renewing in Generosity, on the Last Sunday of 2014!

What a joy to witness yesterday's invigorating Karma Kitchen! We served a total of 68 guests in a New Year's 'renewal'-themed day! From our 9am ready-to-go setup crew that rocked the KK ambiance in record time, to the enthused resonance of our first guest and friend of Alisa, who couldn't stay to eat, but whose enthused resonance blew us away with her cup-overflowing insistence to pay-it-forward in several forms.

Then, the day got underway as Mia, Alisa, and Ed stepped-up their service with super thoughtful attention, endless gifts, and genuine presence. Raha and B2 transformed flower bouquets into heartfelt sidewalk art, making a heart 'rangoli' with love at the center. And they were the restaurant's nonstop floating saviors, clearing tables and offering an extra hand, smile, gift, or listening ear! Bradley and Carol's KK service started in their own kitchen, baking up a storm of sweetness in banana bread and chewy sugar cookie form, which Lynette (who left her home at 7:30am to come out today) so gracefully arranged on dessert plates and whose collective love was felt by all! Prit and Carol dazzled us with their veteran first-time plating in the back, as Markus and Pavi were the steady backbone to the whole operation, constantly scrubbing dishes a-glow with their labor-of-love spirit of service! And to top it off, several volunteers who weren't able to join in person still dazzled the days of many guests who received their lovingly handmade holiday treat bags!

From start-to-finish, the minutes slipped past us, engrossed in conversation, heartfelt connection, and micro moments of beauty. And the depth of intention behind such a space reflects back from all angles. One guest came in, walked out, and came back 15 minutes later with a gift of 3 bright bouquets of flowers! Lynett then multiplied the love by artfully arranging the graceful blooms on dessert plates for each guest to enjoy. As the day wound down, floors were swept, dishes cleared, and all of us turning to trickle out the restaurant doors, Carol opened up the vibrant bouquet of flowers that was gifted to her with along with a birthday song, and handed a stem to each person in sight!

Thank you, for spending your holiday season Sunday nurturing such down-to-earth moments of gratitude, abundance, beauty and joy!

More photos from the day ...

--Audrey on Dec 30, 2014

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