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KK Gets Covered in Spanish!

A Spanish reporter wrote an article on Zen restaurants for a magazine (BuenaVida of El País), and it featured Karma Kitchen!

And thanks Cecilia, another volunteer, we have a translation in English:

"That passion to create a better world was also the origin of Karma Kitchen Experiment, which takes place one Sunday a month at Taste Of The Himalayas, in Berkley, California. What is truly peculiar? That the total amount of the check comes up to zero dollars. There is no other reason than promote generosity.  The amount is zero because, someone previously has paid for your food. And at the end of your lunch you also have the opportunity to do the same to the ones that come ahead of you. Whatever is the quantity you want to offer, explains Sima Sanghvi, project organizer. The goal is to create a solidarity chain that changes collective conscience. “We don’t know who has paid for our food previously or who serves our food in an altruistic form –waiters and cooks are volunteers-, or for Whom we are paying the food.  Including them in our generosity circle we get to pass little by little from the culture of mine and possession to the philosophy of ours” affirms Sima.  Customer’s reaction? Many. Some end up crying with emotion, and others like CEO’s of big corporations, get register to volunteer in the kitchen."

--Praveen on Nov 20, 2014

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