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An Unforgettable Birthday Dedication

Birthday songs have a way of bringing everyone together.  Just as we did one for "Yolanda", someone on the other side of the restaurant yells, "It's my friend Rogers birthday too."  So we did an encore.  Happiness filled the air.  Couple minutes later, we get word that there's a third birthday in the house.  The birthday song was overplayed now, so we decided to step it up.

A table of 4 from Portalnd -- an activist, a professor, a poet and a permaculturalist -- had just arrived and when we found out that one of them was a musician.  So we asked if he could do a special dedication for our third birthday person, and Paul was more than happy to oblige.   The restaurant paused.  No one knew what to expect ... but this humble man opened with a lion's roar:  "I can see a REVOLUTION.  It's already started.  Sing it with me.  Love is the answer, my only weapon."  Everyone starts singing.  Soon we're all thumping our feet and clapping our hands.  And then he start strumming his guitar while singing a beautiful song.

Raw. Beautiful.  Powerful.  Here's a rough cut that a guest happened to record:

Smita's even got some of this on video:

--Nipun on Sep 7, 2009

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