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Highlights and Stories

At Seva Cafe, we serve with the spirit of "Atithi Devo Bhava" which translates to "The Guest is God," a deep and ancient Indian view that honors each guest with reverence. We're all used to the concept of offering a meal to family or a friend who visits our home, but at Seva Cafe, we extend this generosity to a stranger we don't even know. The guests are told we trust them to accept this gift and pay forward the generosity so that this experiment can continue.

When you dine at Seva Cafe, you are not viewed as a customer, but instead as our treasured guest, as part of our family.

Seva means service. When immersed in the heart of Seva, one finds a pathway to the Divine, and its this connectedness to which we ultimately aspire. Volunteering at Seva Cafe is a conscious exercise in staying tuned to that deep and true space of genuine service.

As more participate in the joy of giving, the more the experiment thrives. It begins with a single gift: first given, then received... multiplied, and given again, in a growing chain of kindness and care. We hope this Circle of Giving leaves you feeling more nourished, and inspired to carry the experiment forward.

All costs and income are made transparent, and 100% of any profits are used to support social service projects!

Here's a video that'll give you a great flavor of our spirit and space:

Over the last decade, we've fed over hundred thousand people. It's created lots of stories and videos, and here's a few of them:

Video by NID students Article in Forbes India TedX Talk on Seva Cafe

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Restaurant Location and Hours

Seva Cafe
Open 6 Days a Week, Closed Mondays until 50 guests are served.

Shopper's Plaza, 4th Floor
Opp Municipal Market,
C.G. Road, Abad, Gujarat
Tel: +91 9924490213

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