Seva Cafe Grasse

We had a pre-launch gathering in December 2014 and are getting ready to launch shortly! It has generated a lot of excitement locally as we work on the many next steps. If you're local, we'd love to hear from you.

Inaugural Launch in Grasse, France!

Among so many inspiring experiences and initiatives of acts of kindness that ServiceSpace shares everyday, one for which I was eager to do was launching a Karma Kitchen in Grasse. Finally we are going to do it!

Last Thursday was the first gathering and it was just a great success full of kindness and surprise also from everyone. We had invited about 20 friends, to whom we were going to present our initiative and ask for feedback.

To set context, the first thing we did was to show this video:

We all then happily prepared dinner. By the end of the evening, majority of the friends wanted to join us! They really understood the deeper nuances of what we were intending to spread.

Funny thing was that at the end Italian tourists, unknown to us, just walk into the restaurant. We explained the concept to them, and they were so enthusiastic and wanted to immediately be a part of it as well. Love was spreading already!

The owner of this small and nice restaurant in Grasse (which is typically closed at night) was very moved by our initiative and warmly offered his restaurant with such a heart of generosity! What an unexpected gift which motivated us to launch even sooner. :)

Because "karma" has a religious notion in France, we are thinking of calling it Seva Cafe. And going forward, we are working on translated Smile Cards, explanations, websites and more into French. The plan is to host this once a month but then ramp up to once a week as we get established with our processes.

Small things one after the other, step by step...

You cannot imagine the inner joy that I feel, a new community is emerging in Grasse based humbly, simply on Kindness and full of genuine generosity and love. Wow!!!! Tears of joy.

With gratitude,


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