Karma Kitchen Horwich

"We were thrilled to pilot the first UK Karma Kitchen experiment at the end of November (2015). In all, we served 71 guests and everyone went away smiling, with their own unique memories from the day. Special thanks to our crew of 8 volunteers who each contributed 9 hours! Well beyond our costs, our guest contributed a lot more that was paid forward to a local charity BLGC. Thank you so much!" --Geeta

To join the next one, or to volunteer or learn more, do drop us a note anytime.

Stories and Highlights

Preparting for Karma Kitchen in Horwich! (Nov 2015)

First Karma Kitchen in Action! (Nov 2015)

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Description of Our Check

A gift celebrates inter-connection and relationship. It's a simple gesture of both gratitude and appreciation. Karma Kitchen isn't about giving food away. It's about sharing an experience of generosity.

The restaurant offers us the opportunity to cultivate generosity on a moment to moment level using actions, words and thoughts. In reality, every moment of every day of our lives offers that opportunity, but we're not always aware of it. Here we have a chance to consciously cultivate that awareness through the simple act of serving a meal.

When you order a meal at a restaurant, the underlying assumption is that you receive what you are willing and able to pay for. Sitting down for a meal at a friend's house is an entirely different experience. And it's that difference that we want to make with Karma Kitchen. When you make a gift of something, the "how much" question is no longer relevant.

Every interaction we have in our lives gives us an opportunity to connect with another person. When you start out with an intention to be generous it spurs you past the confines of your own life and opens you up to all the various ways our journeys intersect with each other. Thus creating a chain of Generosity.

Any gifts received in return, in form of cash or kind,will be donated to Bolton Lads & Girls Club.