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Stories From Karma Kitchen Surat

What started off as a "wild idea" email has now become a monthly feature in Surat! Karma Kitchen is an experiment to seed the value of a “gift economy” – an economic system where goods and services are given with no strings attached. It is a fully volunteer-run event and deeply rooted in the spirit of “Change Yourself, Change the World”

In today’s world, everything by and large is based on transactions and we have put a price tag on almost everything. We have known and learned how to price almost everything, but in the process have lost touch with the priceless!! In our last event, one of the volunteers on the gratitude table (where everything is offered as a gift) was explaining to one guest how this gift has reached him and the labour of love behind making it. At that very moment, the guest interrupts and asks— are you trying to sell this to me? The volunteer calmly explains that this is a gift and there is no price tag to it. :) The conventional narrative of transaction is so ingrained in us that it is easy to be blind to the priceless. :) Karma Kitchen is an attempt to connect with priceless; is an attempt to create a culture of pay it forward; is an attempt to grow in generosity; is an attempt to lead with love. :) To be the change you wish to see in the world.

Every month we have a different theme, from World Cup and Passport Edition, and is rooted in a lot of joy. Below is a video, which will give you a little glimpse of past Karma Kitchens . Our basic idea is to grow in generosity and as we actually flexed all our generosity muscles, love always seems to fill the air!

Volunteer at Karma Kitchen Surat

If you would like to spend a day experimenting in generosity and kindness with us, please sign up below and one of the volunteers will revert back to you soon. We have 4 categories to volunteer- 1) Cooking 2) Decor 3) Photography 4) Open. The first 3 categories are specialised and the Open category is for every other role. Please mention in comments which category you would prefer. If you don't have an email address, message Nipun Shah at 93776-01546 to volunteer.

Restaurant Location and Hours

SOY Restaurant
1st Floor Sangini Aspire,
Pal Hazira Road, Surat 10:00AM to 1:00PM

If you have any questions or comments, please use the form below to reach us.

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