Karma Kitchen Valencia

We hosted our first Karma Kitchen in May 2017, and we are intending of hosting our next one in short order! To join the next KK, or to get more involved, do drop us a note anytime.

Stories and Highlights

Recap of Our First Karma Kitchen (May 2017)

Just wanted to give you an update about our launch last month. We landed having a total of seventeen volunteers show up, my initial thoughts were, this is way too many people what could this experience possible offer everyone? Is anyone going to show up? and then we circled up and shared 2 words about what emotions were coming up...curiosity,excitement,fear,joy,play were some of ones i remember.

We opened at 430pm and had a 2 young ladies show up as our 1st playmates....i think 8 of us helped them, it was really joyous and i think there was a cumulative sigh. We had about 40-50 people through the restaurant during the course of our serving. Everybody kinda eased into the stream and had transformational experiences. It was so much fun to see the volunteers come alive and some move from introverted space of comfort to this expansive space of "o my this is fun, i love me loving you". Nikki of he volunteers said this is what my life to be every day.

My ideas and fear dissipated really quick and i was able to sit with beginners mind and just enjoy the unwrapping of the gift of interconnectedness. i was expecting us to provide space for our playmates that came to eat but it wasn't that way they brought there own space that just joined with our space and we landed having more space......

Last joy bit.... We handed out (clip on) sprouts to all our playmates and all the teammates wore them as well.....i got the question what is the significants of the sprout? So my overall project is titled "share your shade" and is based on the aspen tree whose roots in a grove are all connected so when 1 aspen tree gets sick all the others support....

my answer to the question of the sprout was the story of the aspen tree and that Karma Kitchen was the first sprout of the aspen tree in our community........


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