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Karma Kitchen Starts in Indonesia!

We were thrilled to start Karma Kitchen in Indonesia this month.  We started the day with a pre-recorded video address by KK founder in Berkeley, and as the day progressed, it led to so many beautiful moments.

As some of you know, we launched Karma Kitchen in Indonesia few weeks ago -- and it was great success. Because it was Ramadan month, we held it as dinner from 6-10PM, on July 5 at Miitem restaurant in Jakarta. We had full house with 200 dinners, served by a committed 25 (very) happy volunteers:

Prior to the event, there was uncertainty but it seemed to dissolve in the spirit of love. We opened with a video from one of the Karma Kitchen founders, and anchored ourselves to practice "growing in generosity". I couldn't have been more inspired by our 25 enthusiastic and happy volunteers:

We had lots of art with values, customized aprons, tablemats that explained the Karma Kitchen's gift cycle, a kindness table with personal (and anonymous) notes in every item that was offered, and more. Goodness was all over. All that generated even more generosity from literal strangers (one of whom even offered to create a short video for us!), as we experienced many unexpected moments of joy -- like one of the volunteers and restaurant owner sharing their birthday, and celebrating it together:

By the end of the day, we had 800USD surplus that will be gifted to the next Karma Kitchen in the region. Let alone Indonesia, there are requests from Singapore, Malaysia and Phillippines. We have also planned to host it in Bali in April. In another beautiful play of serendipity, one of the co-founders of Karma Kitchen Japan heard about us through social media and since she happened to be in Jakarata, she came over. Below is our quick selfie:

My heart is touched to see our growing international family and our shared values of generosity, compassion and inter-connectedness.  Looking forward to spreading more love and light together with all of you.

More photos:

--Stephanie on Jul 21, 2014

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