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A Shining Septemer Karma Kitchen!

Whether plating food, washing dishes, taking orders or simply offering a listening ear and presence -- it was incredible to witness the micro-moments of love that endlessly transpired as our rockstar crew smilingly served 67 guests from all walks of life-- vibrant artists and transformative lawyers, international students, down-to-earth teachers, inspired businessfolk, and beyond.

In each moment, small acts of care enveloped us from all sides. One guest walked in with offerings of a handpicked bouquet, chocolates, and handmade stones. Two members of the community baked offerings of raspberry tart and chocolate chip cookies to add to our dessert menu -- simply to give in some way.

Our mostly first-time crew of volunteers stepped up the generosity in subtle and profound ways. With Xiao gently tagging folks with heart pins at every turn, Raku's depth of presence in conversing with each table, Ron's steady can-do spirit, Saina's swift setting of each table and filling in of any gap, Zilong's mastermind interfacing and delightful moon cake, Brenda's artistry both on paper and in each plate arranged with a glowing heart, Nina skyrocketing through the plating learning curve and thoughtfully making sure everyone ate, Ivina's mastery of "all the D's" - drinks, desserts, dal, and beyond :), Anna's superhuman dish-washing resilience, and Vishesh's kitchen guidance coupled with way of making dishes and people shine -- as one of us shared in the closing reflections, it was as if we were all atoms supporting the whole and filling in wherever necessary!

Then, on top of the usual Karma Kitchen emergence, it was doubly grand to witness the depth of our ServiceSpace Community Table conversations, as well as to learn about some dynamic pay-it-forward research! And even after our closing circle, everyone's collective energy made for an effortless clean-up that left the restaurant sparkling!
The breezy air of early evening welcomed us as we said our goodbyes and dispersed in our various directions on Shattuck Avenue. What a whirlwind experience. Can't think of a better way to spend a supermoon lunar eclipse Sunday! :)

Here are more pictures of the day.

--Maitre-D on Sep 28, 2015

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