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New Video, Research and 22 Locations!

Dear Karma Kitchen Friends,

Thank you for all your continued support of Karma Kitchen.  We're just sending along a few updates ...

A volunteer group from Taiwan, Tzu Chi, put together a beautiful video piece that is bound to make you smile: Paying it Forward

Karma Kitchen has now run in 22 locations around the globe, and mushroomed into many related experiments. In November, KK piloted in the UK and is set to repeat in London this month. Similarly, the second KK is about to happen in Dubai. In India, it continues to ripple into quite a few experiments. Detroit had powerful moments in their debut last year, and just a few weeks back, after a launch in Guernsey, a kindness movement is gripping the entire island.

Renowned researchers are also taking note. We've always been speaking about the subtle but significant difference between pay-what-you-want and pay-forward, and here are some slides that summarize the scientific studies behind it. Many have asked about best practices in embodying these "gift ecology" principles, and that has led to a launch of a popular Laddership Circles program.

It's a great joy to be part of this movement together, to collectively practice "growing in generosity".

In service,

Karma Kitchen Anchors

--Sima on Jan 30, 2016

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