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Rainbow Smiles in Detroit

It was Friday morning. I was cooking a meal that would be served that evening at Karma Kitchen. The forecast for the evening was rain. Karma Kitchen is an outdoor event with the food truck ‘Pink Flamingo’! But Somehow I was not worried! Deep in my heart I knew everything was going to be ok and left it to the universe!

As we were arranging the tables and the vases with the flowers from our gardens it started getting cloudy. A few drops of rain began to fall. I was trying to just focus on what I was doing and not let the mind immediately rush to worrying about what steps to take next if it started pouring. Suddenly I hear Bharat Uncle's excited voice "Look up!" Up in the sky there was the most beautiful complete and clear rainbow!!!! The universe had gifted us with a colorful arch, a gate to welcome guests to our Karma Kitchen. What an amazing inauguration of our third Karma Kitchen in Detroit! The guests were super impressed by the beautiful ambiance :) as they walked on the rug of colorful fall leaves and warmth of the fire pit.

The evening was simply perfect, colorful with love, laughter, generosity and hospitality! Questions about Karma kitchen intentions and Service Space were answered, stories were shared.

Not to miss the amazing food. This time a young couple Manoj and Anu, who have been regularly attending Awakin sits, stepped up to prepare delicious dosa (rice-lentil crepes) which is pretty laborious work. Since Anu is 6 month pregnant, we did not want to add to her work. But Manoj was excited and pretty confident that they could serve about 60-70 people and sweetly insisted on doing it. They were super cute chefs feeding the guests with crispy yummy dosas with a special demo showing them how to do it. Towards the end when most of the guests were served it started raining heavily. Some still sat at their tables with their umbrellas enjoying the meal.

We had a big tent where the rest of the guests came under one roof each one trying to make sure everyone else is dry and comfortable. It was one big cozy KK family with umbrellas protecting each other. It was so unique as all guests, chefs; servers felt the bond as we supported the event wholeheartedly. There was so much inner -connection and good energy in the air. [More photos online.]

As the rain stopped we thanked the guest for being so accommodating and parted with the love, peace, and smile cookies, origami cranes and other handmade gifts.

It felt like the whole universe stepped in to make this Karma Kitchen event a memorable one!

--Nilam on Nov 3, 2017

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