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KK DC's One Year Celebration!

Thank you to all of the volunteers and guests who have made Karma Kitchen such a lasting presence in the DC community.  One year later, it is running stronger than ever!  Below are the highlights from the one-year anniversary celebration.

Comments from the volunteer crew:

  • "I was quite impressed with the team’s synergy and each volunteer’s willingness to assist with other roles!"
  • "I could not stop smiling and everywhere I looked, I was greeted with another smiling face!"
  • "I enjoyed tagging another volunteer's aunt/uncle with some peace chains and seeing the joy in their expression." :)
  • "I truly learned why "moving from isolation to community" is a core principle of KK and exemplified that by building a community with the other volunteers."
  • "I realized that it truly does taste and feel better when it's made with love."

Comments from guests:

  • "This was a great experience as always.  The servers were very friendly and welcoming.  We also enjoyed the extra festivities for the anniversary.  Thank you so much."
  • "Happy 1st anniversary!  Thank you so much for making my day every Sunday."
  • "Happy one year!  We've been coming for the year and don't know what we'd do without KK in our lives.  Thank you to the volunteers and cooks - you brighten our Sundays!"
  • "Karma Kitchen really helps restore my faith in people.  I hope your Valentine's day is truly amazing because this has really shown me the love that people have for each other."
  • "We came here for the first time today.  Being Buddhists, we have always believed in good karma - it has been a great pleasure to be a part of this.  Keep up the good work!"
  • "We love this!  We are going to spread the three pillars of Karma Kitchen to Colorado.  See you on your second b-day..."

--Nirali on Feb 15, 2010

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