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Three Notes From Today (And New T-shirts!)

In addition to the naan-poem, here's three more inspiring tidbits left on a very inspiring Karma Kitchen Sunday.

First, a great quote:

Then, a collage offered by a very engaged "table of ten":

And lastly a letter that reads:

Dear Karma Kitchen Creators, staff, volunteers, Taste of Himalayas, chefs, patrons, guests, friends, and fans: I give each and everyone of you, my *heartfelt* THANKS! Your generous contributions of service, benevolent thoughts, actions, and speech, have made our community and each other, whole, healthy and strong. May each of you be blessed with love, joy and peace. With gratitude, a Karma Kitchen friend.

Many thanks to the all-veteran crew today! Here's a photo of some of the volunteers in their new tees:

--GM on Oct 3, 2010

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