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An Ode to The Naan Man (and many more!)

The theme of the day was spring, so many people wrote about new beginnings and hopes they had for themselves. One of our volunteers also come up with a super fun activity of having guests anonymously write love letters for other guests.  We had guests writing to other guests across the restaurant, to volunteers, and to servers in the back (the volunteers were the messengers).

Openness .... ♥
♬♬ dancing abundance
$ bringing forth
my passion
inspiring others
to be the
intuitive person
they R ♥
in gratitude & appreciation
Thanks and gratitude for the amazing food!!  I'd also like to mention that this is my first time eating Indian food and absolutely love it!!  I can see this fastly beoming a new addiction for me!! Much love!!
Thank you for sreving our table & your friendlyness!
The Naan man!
you make my heart
melt like the butter
you so beautifully spread
I am expecting new growth as a producer, performer & entrepreneur resulting in new prosperous opportunities, successful relationships & abundant resources. Thank you for your generorsity! With ♥, C
As I am about to graduate from Cal, I hope to grow as a mature person who is passionate about life, about people, and above all, about God.  Through this maturing process, I look to gain greater insight & wisdom while growing as a more loving, patient, kind and other-centered Christian.
this spring I hope to watch my plants grow & watch almost passively as I grow personally... more bike rides, more beer brewing and a deeper sense of calm and happiness.
[crayon picture of sun over mountains by a lake, with two roads converging in infinity]
I want to develop the skill of spotting duality & separation in everyday business & personal situations.  I also want the skill to see through thouse dualities and offer the resuling new perspective to those who might benefit from it.
I want the charramoya trees I lplanted to do well, and I hope for ever improving health
What are you most passionate about? How do you want ot engage more with what your passion is?
I am hoping to have more acceptance and tolerance towards people & events
 I would like to be
and cool:
  A guitar.
KK Berkley Crew - Apr 3, 2011

--KK Volunteer, Apr-3-2011 on Apr 4, 2011

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