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A Smile Pin

At the end of Karma Kitchen last Sunday, one of the first-time volunteers sincerely shares: "This was the best day of my life."   We served 100+ guests, and its amazing how many new people keep coming to KK and experiencing a gift-economy.  There's always a challenge or two, :) but for an overwhelming majority, the experience is totally beautiful.  A guest who dined with us wants to gift us produce every week now!  He opened his note with: "I have a small organic garden in western Yolo county. I have never sold anything from it." Anne served a table and they recognized her from a month ago, when she had tagged them with (amazing!) brownies that she had made; and then, yesterday she had a chance to do it again.  We also tag guests with small things.  A little kid was so excited to receive a smile-pin -- that he had to give away to whomever he liked.  Vandana-the-twin posted a poem about her first experience, where she ended with: "I was reminded that service is a way to come together as a community."

--MJ on May 25, 2011

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