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Father's Day Reflections

This Father's Day we invited Karma Kitchen guests to reflect on the most important lesson they'd learned from their fathers, and to share it with us. Here is a selection of the beautiful insights they surfaced: 


  • Be fearless.
  • Never give up on love.
  • Find the strength to admit when you're wrong and move on.
  • My dad has taught me that there are always at least 2 sides to every story.
  • Sweet sounds never die!
  • You are a more powerful force in the universe than you realize.
  • When I asked my old school father from the Philippines about "foods of life," he was too embarrased to tell me, but his one statement to me was "never disrespect anyone."
  • Breathe.
  • Live in the moment, go after what makes you happy.
  • Think about where the things you put in your body came from.
  • Don't forget that everything is from a perspective.
  • Don't be lazy! You have to make space for the things that are important in life.
  • My father taught me the importance of temperance, keeping an even keel, and understanding that there can be many different opinions without a clear answer.
  • Amont the many bits of wisdom that I keep finding in my mind, my dad taught me: politeness, patience, and persistence.
  • Work hard & don't do drugs.
  • Patience, caring, and above all selfless dedication.
  • Clean room!
  • Use your head for something besides a hat rack!
  • However great maybe the success, stay rooted.
  • Nothing is impossible, you just need to try harder.
  • Bless the day as it blesses us. Now is all there is.
  • The most important wisdom I've received and am still receiving is from the natural world.
  • Dad taught me that when starting to hammer a nail, you should hold the nail yourself.
  • To be grateful for each day.
  • The heart is free, have the courage to follow it.
  • Always look for foreward and plan for the future, but remember to enjoy the moment as well.
  • It's easy to get more money. It's hard to get more time.
  • May everyone be happy!
  • Those who deserve the great, must first earn the little.
  • Always work hard to reach your goals.
  • Be kind and helpful to others!
  • Always buy generic -- its the same ingredients as brand name.
  • My father gave me space to grow.
  • I love my father for being tolerant of my behavior. He's taught me to sympathize with others and to appreciate those around you.
  • Wisdom observed from my father: the more unsettled other people might be, become the calmer one to calm the whole environment.
  • My father taught me that when I'm criticized  I need to "consider the source." In other words, the person who offers the criticism may have their own problems or defects and may not understand where you are coming from. So you must not take all negative comments to heart

--Bhoutik on Jun 20, 2011

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